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MTSI services are designed to provide maximum benefits to its clients by leveraging the expertise of its internal resources and partners. Recognizing that maximum value lies in a client developing business domain expertise, MTSI offers end-to-end solutions and transfers that knowledge through training and user participation.

MTSI has developed a unique service offering that is unparalleled in the industry. Typically, the customer contracts for minimum amount of Application deployment and project management time per month. For example, 160 hours per month for a 6-month contract at a negotiated fixed hourly rate for all consultants regardless of skill set or function.

In return, MTSI will provide professional services to maintain the Customer's environment by providing a "pool of qualified resources." Based on customer's project requirements, MTSI will provide professional services and resources that specialize in the Application and related areas, such as:

  • Project management
  • Functional consulting
  • Application set-up
  • Application maintenance and administration
  • Forms and reports customizations (developers)

The rate would stay the same, regardless of the skill set you choose. Each contract is designed to meet your individual service requirements.


Gaming Industry Solution

Gaming Industry CRM Solution

Oracle CRM On Demand Industry Solution

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All Things On Demand

All Things On Demand Video - Oracle CRM On Demand Training Video

Oracle CRM On Demand Training Video

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